Designer Indoor Washing Line: Say Good Bye to your Tumble Dryer

Drying your clothes with tumble dryers fast becoming a thing of the past as house & apartment owners are making a change for the better, not only environmentally but financially as the embrace using the designer line to hang their laundry outdoors and more so indoors. The designer.line is very easy to install and use. They are not only environment-friendly and a minimalistic and contemporary design. But also eliminates you use of tumble dryers and reduces your household carbon footprint. Whenever, you want to dry your clothes or hang your bed linens the designer.line easily transforms from wall feature to functional clothesline in a matter of seconds and your good to go.

More about designer.line

The modular clotheslines surpass practicality as they are suitable for indoors and ouold.navytdoors that enhance the aesthetics of your home as apposed to the old style of washing lines, clothes airers and tumble dryers. Being wall mounted and retractable they do not impede on your living space or need to be stored away when not in use. The use of them as Wall-mounted indoor clotheslines have numerous benefits over conventional tumble dryers or outdoor washing lines. There is no affect on the fabrics of the clothes be it shrinkage or color fade and weather is no longer an issue regardless of the season as you can dry your laundry day or night.

Features of the designer.line

There are numerous features of the designer.line. They easily blend or can be a feature on your exterior or interior walls. They require very less space and allow you an Eco-friendly way to dry your laundry. They give an elegant appearance to the room. They are ready to use within few seconds and simplify your life. They are available in various colors to allow your to co-ordinate with your rooms décor or wall colors. They have a dedicated rail for hanging your small items. The designer.line come with a DIY installation template printed on the inside of the packaging to guide you step by step when setting up the lines. When you want to iron your clothes, simply pop your ironing board in front of the designer.line. And your good to go, as you iron you can pop the items back on there hangers and on the designer.line ready to go away when your finished.

chocolate.brownieSpecifications of designer.line

Modular in design with each unit housing a three rail telescopic system, the main rail extends fro 1.8 to 2.8 meters and can handle any size bed linen and or items on coat hangers. The middle rail is used to hang your large and as well as coat hangers. The bottom rail is used for hanging your smaller and light clothes. They are engineered and designed to be able to be installed even on the wall plasters without the requirement of a wall strut. You can install as need in one or more location.

Thus, the Retractable indoor washing lines save you space. They have health advantages without the dust particles and musty air from that of tumble dryers. There is no more damage to the elastic. You can easily use these lines to eliminate the shrinkage and color fading of the cloth linens. With the price of power continuing to go up and the issue of reducing emission to combat climate change the designer.line is fast becoming the way to go for many home owners to simplify their lives whilst making a change that is Eco-friendly.


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