Clotheslines: Your Alternative Companion for Hanging Clothes

Closed cabinets and wall shelves are old concepts for hanging and keeping the clothes. Recently, a new designer clothesline has been launch and is being embraced in the homes around the world. They are easily fixed on any wall inside or outside of the house, and you can unfold them whenever you want. You can use them as a temporary closet for guest for hanging garments and also for drying the clothes. These wall mounted retractable units keep the garments straight and reduce folding and make them lint-free. They are user-friendly and can replace the use of the tumbler driers.

The designer.line clotheslines have replaced the old concept of drying the clothes outside and inside. They are popular and can be found searching for terms like retractable clothes airer or wall mounted clothesline horse. Many companies like designer.line offers the wide range of retractable wall mounted washing lines that are attractive and extremely functional. The outdoor clotheslines are exclusively made to be mounted on the plaster walls with out the need for them to be mounted on a wall stud and have organic design that provides better airflow and reduces the time of drying. The best thing about the designer.line clotheslines is that they easily blend with the contemporary wall of the modern houses with minimum settings.

indoor clotheslineThe clotheslines fit on the walls in minutes on the plaster walls with using the wall studs. These hanging lines can bear a load of 30 kg and the installation steps come in a template within the box of the clotheslines when you buy them. If you use this wall mounted hanging lines, it will reduce the electric bills and lo the use of the large tumble driers. Now, the clothes are dried in fresh air without depending on the laundries. These clotheslines are available in various attractive colors like the black balloons, charcoal, old navy blue, white, and chocolate and red. You can buy according to the color of your interior walls.


These hanging retractable lines reduce the use of the tumble driers and encourage the airflow. They have modular in design and can be installed one, two or more in one particular location or multiple locations. When you are installing them in the outdoor, you should be cautious about the strong winds and stormy weathers. Each of the clotheslines has three independent rails that provide up to 18 meters of uninterrupted hanging and drying space when using the coat hangers and they blend into any type of the interior and exterior settings and allow eco-friendly drying day.

The first rail is used for hanging the large items like the bed sheets, the middle rails are sued for hanging the coats and also large items. The bottom rail is preferable for the small clothes. The rails can accommodate items of hanging like the hangers, and they are easy to install on plaster walls.

The indoor clothesline eliminates the shrinkage and color fading of the clothes. They also save the spaces and blends with the surroundings when you are not using them.


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