Everybody Benefits from a Retractable Designer Washing line

We have come a long way since the birth of that great Aussie backyard icon, the Hills Hoist washing line. In fact the ingenuity of the newly launched designer.line has far surpassed its predecessor. It is so well suited for its purpose that it surpasses practicality and transcends cool.The_Assassin_Group_grande

They’re putting the sexy back in doing your laundry!

A most inviting retractable wall mounted clothesline with an organic design, it inspires neatness and style, in a fashion that makes for seamless appearance and a truly surprising design effect.  It is undisputed both in terms of functional performance and the aesthetic qualities.

A welcome addition to any interior or exterior, the designer outdoor washing line, is a fully functional unit, comprising of autonomous systems that offers 18 meters of uninterrupted hanging space, which blends within any setting allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night, eliminating ones reliance on the tumble dryer and clothes airer’s / clothes horses that are unsightly and not able to handle large items like your bed linen.

After four years in the making, the designer.line is about to clean up not only your laundry and home with its functional performance and aesthetic quality, but being one of the first products to be able to be installed anywhere be it indoors or out, it looks to clean up our environment by eliminating environmentally damaging tumble dryers from peoples household carbon foot prints.

Inventor of designer.line Phoenix Daniel of Hanna said:

“I have ideas that consume me and sometimes drive me a little mad!!! This one was born after a little bit of biff with my building manager / body corporate over me hanging my bed linen on my balcony and after four and a bit years and a number of so called experts saying that cant be done or I don’t know I am a glad that I persisted and or was stubborn enough to prevail.”

“I am just a little bit excited that the designer.line is finally ready to change your world!”

The designer.line is just as suited to confined spaces, as it is to open areas. With its ability to embrace every style of design and culture, an exceptionally high quality, robust and light structure, the designer.line with its minimalist and extremely elegant style, along with its practical usage and functionality makes it an extremely versatile drying system capable of satisfying the widest demands of residential markets. 

“Eliminating people’s reliance on tumble dryers whilst providing a solution to those with very limited drying spaces and confined living conditions, the designer line allows for environmentally friendly drying day or night.“

Some of the prime features of the designer.line is its contemporary design that goes from a wall feature to a wall mounted clothes airer in a matter seconds. It has been designed to be able to be installed anywhere, as it does not require the locality of a wall stud for plaster. It also comes in a multiple of colours including, charcoal, black, white, red, navy and brown.

This great product allows users to dry laundry in confined and open spaces and this includes sheets, which are normally a nightmare to dry – particularly in small spaces.

It also comprises a secondary rail that accommodates coat hangers and a third dedicated to small items such as your sox, jocks and bras.

Easily integrated to any setting or décor, it is quick to install and provides today’s modern consumer an elegant, yet functional drying solution.

So its not a matter of why… but a matter of what are you waiting for visit www.designerline.com today and make a change for the better of you home life and the world around us!


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