Retractable Washing Lines- A New Innovation to Dry Clothes

Hanging ropes in the garden is a common sight in each of the domestic areas in large and small cites. Even the tumble dryers are also popular as the household appliances for drying the clothes and bed linens. But, in the case of ropes, they are degradable and they get affected by the rain and excessive heat. The tumble dryers can also damage the quality of the items. You may find that your clothes are getting tints due to excessive heat exposure of the tumble dryers. But, due to the advancement of technology, new drying products are coming in front that can reduce the use of dryers and ropes.

An Introduction To The Washing Lines-

Washing lines are not so similar to the ropes. They actually look like the rods. They are available in single rod or multiple rods. There are various companies that are offering washing lines for the customers. They are versatile and they allow eco-friendly drying as well. These retractable washing lines can be fixed anywhere on the wall without using any type of tools or struts. They can be used indoors or outdoors. But, you should remember that when you are using them outdoors, you have to fix them in such a manner that they are away from strong winds and storms. These liens are fixed on single location as well as multiple locations, depending upon the requirement of the users.

Know The Specifications Of Clothesline-

There are three rail systems available- the main rail is used for drying the bed linens and large items, the middle rails are used for hanging the large items and the coat hangers and the bottom rail is used for hanging the smaller items. The rods are having 5.8m to 18 m long hanging space when you are using the hangers for the items that are being hanged on the main rails. These lines are mainly developed in Australia. Designer.Line is one such company that offers clothesline for the customers. They are engineered to be fitted on the wall plaster without any sort of wall strut structure. The modular design of this structure allows the user to custom install the structures in multiple locations.

Features Of The Washing Lines-

These clothes airer is available in various colors and custom-finish to match with the interior of the home. The powder-coated colors ensure outdoor durability. These lines provide solutions that are easily integrated with the interiors. These washing lines can accommodate any length of clothes, including the heavy bed linens and coat hangers. They come with installation template, making the customers easily fix these rods on the walls.

Thus, from the above text, it is clear that indoor clothes airer is gaining popularity in these days. They protect the quality of the fabric and they reduce tints and shrinkage of the dress materials.


Clothesline – An Innovative Way to Improve Drying Time of Clothes

Are you tired of the increasing electricity bills each month for the use of tumble dryers or heaters? If yes, why not replacing them with airlines or clothesline. The hanging washing lines are the modern form of ropes that people used in the earlier days for drying clothes outside. The modern washing lines are made with the organic design that not only looks good at interiors or exteriors, but they generally improve the drying time as well. They can be used anywhere and they are easy to fix on the walls. Due to the retractable nature, they can be folded when not in use. These units do not consume electricity and reduce carbon footprints to the environment.

indoor washing line


There are various reasons why most of the people are using the clothesline for drying clothes. The uniqueness of these units is described as below-

1.    They Are Made With Metal

This is one of the top benefits of using the retractable clothesline for drying clothes or bed linens. The traditional hanging lines that we generally used were made with nylon; they are degradable and get affected by rain or external environmental factors. They aluminum frames make these structures long-lasting and easy to install.

2. They Have Three Rods-

The modern clothesline models are having three rods for hanging your clothes, bed linens or other garments. Each of the rods has specified weight carrying capacity so that you can hang the clothes as per your requirements.

3. They Are Available In Various Colors-

This option makes these structures widely accepted in the market. Whether you are fixing them in your kitchen, or bed room or living space, they easily blend with the interior setting, making them a perfect item for hanging clothes.

4. They Are Modular and Improve Drying-

With the use of these clotheslines, you can improve the drying time. The modular design of these units enables the air to pass through them which indirectly improves the airflow. This will help in drying the bed linens and clothes more quickly.

5. Removes Shrinkage and Tints-

When you are using heaters or tumble dryers, you will see tints and shrinkage on the clothes materials. But this is not present in the case when you are using the hanging lines. This can be one of the best things that made the customers rely on these units.

Thus, talking about the wall-mounted clothesline, you do not have to worry about the power bills or carbon footprints. Your garments will remain healthy for the longer time, free of tints, shrinkage, and damage. So, buy one such item of a reputed brand and say a goodbye to your heaters or rolling tumblers.

Reasons of Increased Popularity of Retractable Lines in Australia

Gone are the days when you used to see the rolling tumblers or heaters in your home anymore to dry the clothes or bed linens. Nowadays, most of the citizens of Australia are using the clothes lines in their home or outdoor to hang their garments and bed linens as well. They are more effective than heaters or tumblers. On the other hand, the heating conventional machines consume more electricity and take much space in the room. With the invention of the indoor or outdoor lines, people can save electricity and dry their clothes within very short period of time.

There are many companies in Australia that offers retractable clothesline for the customers at competitive prices. These hanging lines suit all type of interior decoration and can be used anywhere; kitchen, bedroom. Drawing and dining room as well. They are available in one, two or three rods that are suitable for hanging light as well heavy clothes. These clotheslines are available in various colors – mainly red, grey, black and brown. There are various advantages of installing the clotheslines in your home. Companies like Designer. Line offers effective outdoor and indoor lines for the customers. The installation of these items is very easy and you can uninstall them when they are not in use.

These clothesline systems are functional and they are organic in design. They improve the drying time of the clothes and you can use one two or triple rods in one single or multiple locations according to your requirements. When you want to iron your clothes, you can install this line on the wall in front of the iron board. These clotheslines are designed in such a manner that they take very less space and they dry heavy as well light weight clothes and bed linens as well. You can also move them from one place to another depending upon the requirements.

Benefits of Using Clotheslines:

There are various advantages of using these rods. They are discreet, save your time and are ready within a few seconds. They prevent dust particles and musty air to come in contact with the clothes. The rods do not damage the quality of fabric of clothes. They prevent the shrinkage of the fabric and clutter-free. They save a lot of energy and reduce your electricity bills at the same time. They are environment-friendly and blend with the i8nterior decor of space.


The clotheslines Australia have three rail systems – the main rod is used for the bed linens and large items. The middle rail is used for the large clothes and coat hangers. The bottom rod is used for hanging the small items. They are designed in such manner that they do not require plaster for installation on the walls.

Thus, these hanging lines are of great demand in Australia. More and more people are using them to hang their clothes inside or outside the home.

Smart Tips to Select the Right Type of Clothesline System

Choosing the right clothesline is typically an issue of personal preference and space. Drying out wet clothes is a basic requirement of people and the process becomes much tougher if the day is not enough sunny or bright. So, depending on individual requirements, it is important to consider certain valuable points for choosing the perfect clothing line system for your home.

wall mounted washing line

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Save Clothes From Shrinking – Use Clothes Lines

It is difficult to hang clothes indoor. Therefore the ideas of retractable cloth lines that are easy to be used indoors are gaining popularity. The main idea behind the designer lines are- these are retractable and can be used anywhere inside the house. The use of air dryers and rolling tumblers are gradually losing importance for various practical reasons. The constant use of heat and electricity may destroy the fabric and loosen the bonding of the yarn, thus destroying it fully. The cloth lines are beneficial since these just hold the clothes and help it to dry naturally without any external use of energy. Continue reading

Reasons to Use Retractable Designer Lines to Hang Clothes

The_Assassin_Group_grandeGone are the days where people used the dryers and the rolling tumblers to dry the clothes. Hanging the clothes on the nylon lines can damage the cloth fabrics. When there is sudden rainfall or storm, you have to bring the clothes inside the house in the hurry. It will take time and the clothes will get wet, as well. The rolling tumblers consume electricity and are heavy to carry. They take much space to fit and they also make the fabric rough. One of the best ways to keep the quality of the clothes good and improve the drying time is by using the clothes lines. Continue reading

Designer Indoor Washing Line: Say Good Bye to your Tumble Dryer

Drying your clothes with tumble dryers fast becoming a thing of the past as house & apartment owners are making a change for the better, not only environmentally but financially as the embrace using the designer line to hang their laundry outdoors and more so indoors. The designer.line is very easy to install and use. They are not only environment-friendly and a minimalistic and contemporary design. But also eliminates you use of tumble dryers and reduces your household carbon footprint. Whenever, you want to dry your clothes or hang your bed linens the designer.line easily transforms from wall feature to functional clothesline in a matter of seconds and your good to go.

More about designer.line

The modular clotheslines surpass practicality as they are suitable for indoors and ouold.navytdoors that enhance the aesthetics of your home as apposed to the old style of washing lines, clothes airers and tumble dryers. Being wall mounted and retractable they do not impede on your living space or need to be stored away when not in use. The use of them as Wall-mounted indoor clotheslines have numerous benefits over conventional tumble dryers or outdoor washing lines. There is no affect on the fabrics of the clothes be it shrinkage or color fade and weather is no longer an issue regardless of the season as you can dry your laundry day or night. Continue reading

Clotheslines: Your Alternative Companion for Hanging Clothes

Closed cabinets and wall shelves are old concepts for hanging and keeping the clothes. Recently, a new designer clothesline has been launch and is being embraced in the homes around the world. They are easily fixed on any wall inside or outside of the house, and you can unfold them whenever you want. You can use them as a temporary closet for guest for hanging garments and also for drying the clothes. These wall mounted retractable units keep the garments straight and reduce folding and make them lint-free. They are user-friendly and can replace the use of the tumbler driers. Continue reading

Everybody Benefits from a Retractable Designer Washing line

We have come a long way since the birth of that great Aussie backyard icon, the Hills Hoist washing line. In fact the ingenuity of the newly launched designer.line has far surpassed its predecessor. It is so well suited for its purpose that it surpasses practicality and transcends cool.The_Assassin_Group_grande

They’re putting the sexy back in doing your laundry!

A most inviting retractable wall mounted clothesline with an organic design, it inspires neatness and style, in a fashion that makes for seamless appearance and a truly surprising design effect.  It is undisputed both in terms of functional performance and the aesthetic qualities.

A welcome addition to any interior or exterior, the designer outdoor washing line, is a fully functional unit, comprising of autonomous systems that offers 18 meters of uninterrupted hanging space, which blends within any setting allowing for environmentally friendly drying day and night, eliminating ones reliance on the tumble dryer and clothes airer’s / clothes horses that are unsightly and not able to handle large items like your bed linen. Continue reading